Great Plains Beef

Our Ranching Standards

With all of the naturally-occurring benefits of Piedmontese cattle, Great Plains Beef is strongly committed to the expansion of this amazing breed. Our program is designed to merge Piedmontese cattle with the finest ranching practices to raise a generous supply of this delicious, gourmet beef. To maintain the integrity of the breed, we contract only with ranchers who adhere to our strictly-defined ranching standards:
  • Our animals never receive antibiotics of any kind from birth to harvest
  • Our animals never receive steroids or supplemental growth hormones
  • Our animals must be raised on vegetarian feed only (no animal by-products)
  • Our animals must be humanely raised and handled safely at all times
  • Our producers must meet quality standards for feed and water
  • Our producers and feedlots receive routine visits from Great Plains Beef personnel to audit records and verify protocol requirements are being strictly followed
  • Our Partners in Success program is committed to improving the Piedmontese breed

These standards generate an impressive list of benefits for health-conscious customers. This is why Certified Piedmontese by Great Plains Beef is world-renown as The Elite Beef of Italy!

Our Ranchers

Out West, ranchers have a passion for hard work. This work ethic is woven through every element of their lifestyle and has been an uncompromising part of their heritage for generations. They work long days and sleep well at night knowing the day’s job was done right.

When ranchers team up with Great Plains Beef Natural Meats, they experience a business relationship that is every bit as satisfying as our superior quality meat products. We go to great lengths to identify “partners” who are interested in producing the finest natural meat products as their agricultural priority. We are committed to building bridges and long-standing relationships with these ranchers that lead to win-win opportunities for everyone. In return for their hard work and dedication to our program, we believe in sharing our success with our family ranchers.

As key contributors to our program, we work together with our producers to maintain our legacy of high ranching standards and resource stewardship. We believe hard work, strict protocols and honest relationships will result in wholesome meat products that will exceed the expectations of consumers, while providing our partners solid rewards for their commitment to producing the highest quality beef.

Market studies confirm a growing number of consumers are looking for meat products that adhere to a strict protocol regarding the use of hormones, antibiotics and source of origin. Great Plains Beef has a long range plan that will satisfy this consumer demand while providing significant growth opportunities for family ranchers.

We are committed to building a natural meats company that exemplifies the values and heritage of the traditional working family ranch.